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Dog Waving Paw

Local Dog Walking & Pet Care

Who we are!

Liz Houle, VSA-CDT

Owner, dog walker and certified R+ trainer

I created Puptown Girl Pet Care to pursue my dreams of working with animals and their humans. Over the years, I am so grateful to say Puptown Girl has grown in so many ways. I have a team of dog walkers, I have become a certified R+ dog trainer through Victoria Stilwell Academy, and now we are moving toward a new online presence to become more inclusive and helpful to pet parents everywhere. My main focus is to help pet parents become empowered with science-based information that the can utilize to have a truly life changing relationship with their pet. I have truly enjoyed becoming part of my local community as well as the online pet care world; advocating for the well-being of all animals, and showing others how they can too.  When I'm not working professionally with animals, I'm spending time with my husband, our 2 dogs, and horse, hiking or horseback riding the Oregon trails.


Meet the Team

They say it takes a village! Puptown Girl Pet Care is not just a one lady show; it is a group effort. Meet our team of professional R+ dog walkers:

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